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2009 Multicultural Calendar

Diversity, Community, Unity

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27th May, 2015


Provides accurate dates with explanations for each of the world's twelve major religions and the cultural festivals of most ethnic groups in North America.

Dates for: Aboriginal Peoples, Bahai, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Islam, Jain, Jewish, Shinto, Sikh, Wicca and Zoroastrian.

Value Diversity in your workplace with the 18th edition of the Multicultural Calendar that continues to grow in popularity with corporations, universities, banks, hospitals, social service agencies and the government.
The unique and informative 2009 Diversity Calendar incorporates hundreds of multifaith, multicultural and diversity related holidays and observances.

• As your company calendar
• To give to your clients to support your message
• As giveaways at conventions and career fairs
• To present to speakers
• As an appreciation gift to participants in diversity initiative workshops
• For managers and heads of departments to increase their awareness
• For fundraising

The theme is titled "The Gift of Food." The need for food is common to all cultures.  Our modern calendar descends from ancient agricultural calendars.  In all civilizations, festivals and rituals have taken place during the planting and harvesting of food.  In this modern age, we seem to be far removed from the source of our foods and take what is put on our plate for granted.   We seem to be unconscious about the foods we eat and the manner in which we eat them.  This edition of the calendar focuses on the staple or survival foods of different cultures, in the hope that we will never take our food for granted and respect it in a whole new way.

Aboriginal Peoples, Afro Canadian/American, United States, Armenian, Australian, Bangladeshi, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Canadian, Caribbean, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, United Kingdom, Egyptian, Ethiopian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Guatamalan, Hispanic, Hungarian, Indian, Iranian, Irish, Italian, Jordanian, Korean, Latvian, Latin American, Macedonian, New Zealand, Polish, Filipino, Portuguese, Russian, Scandanavian, Scottish, Sri Lankan, Swiss, Thai, Tibetan, Turkish, Vietnamese, Welsh.

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